Knickers for New Life’s mission is to raise awareness in the US of the barriers Ugandan girls face to health, education, and economic opportunity, and to work towards the removal of those barriers.

We work to accomplish this by:

  • Raising both awareness and funds through speaking engagements, Big Bead Workshops, jewelry sales, website and social media, and direct charitable contributions.
  • Providing knickers (underwear), sanitary supplies, architectural drawings and funds for separate latrines for girls and boys, hand-wash stations and mosquito repellent soap to under-resourced schools in Uganda.
  • Facilitating health and hygiene education in Ugandan schools that removes the stigmas and myths about girls’ normal reproductive biology and teaches girls and boys the importance of personal hygiene.

KFNL partners with one school at a time in Uganda, providing these items. These basic things are the difference between a girl staying in school or dropping out at puberty, with no options to fully achieve her potential. Every year that a girl stays in school will increase her socio-economic prospects for the rest of her life. These projects work as a whole to improve health and give dignity to the vulnerable and under-valued girls at our partner schools.