KFNL’s main work and calling is our Circle of Health & Hygiene. However, occasionally we see an opportunity that closely aligns with our vision of changing the future for girls in Uganda and we work toward a one-time goal.


This three-room house is located 100 feet from New Life Primary School.  “Kamuli” means little flower and is a term of endearment.  The house has its own latrine and a water tap outside (a great benefit).  It has enough land to grow vegetables for the school, and has a productive mango tree.  Originally, the goal was to house ten girls who live too far to walk to school or who are orphaned, but the needs are so pressing in this community that we are working to add another room to the house so that a total of 30 girls at high risk of dropping out of school will have a safe place to live and continue their education.

Costs of Kamuli House Project:

House and land
Repairs Needed
Addition of large room for girls
Beds & mattresses for 30 girls
Latrine / Bathhouse renovation

Total for Project


Our Goal: Kamuli House

Some fix-up needed

View from New Life Primary of Kamuli House just behind. Note the big Mango tree!

Please consider a one-time gift toward the Kamuli House to allow vulnerable girls the opportunity for education that is out of their reach.  To direct your gift, please specify ‘special project’ on our donation page.