MakaPads are the product used in all KFNL partnerships due to their biodegradable features, affordability, and local job creation in Uganda.

The late Dr. Moses Kizza Musaazi, founder of Technology for Tomorrow (T4T), was a senior lecturer in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Makerere Univerity. After dedicating 15 years to Research and Development in Appropriate Technology (AT), Dr. Musaazi found it logical to form T4T as the implementing company. T4T carries out its work on three fronts, namely:

  • Installation and commissioning of AT
  • Full technology transfer
  • Training of Trainers

​Knickers for New Life is extremely grateful that Dr. Musaazi was an official cultural and technical advisor to our projects in Uganda.​ His expertise and experience in Appropriate Technology have been invaluable to our work! We continue to partner with Makapads at all of our schools.