• I had the opportunity to travel to Uganda fo witness KFNL’s work in person in Uganda. KFNL is not only helping girls remain in school, but is also shaping the culture of health and hygiene in domestic and school contexts, combatting harmful social taboos related to menstruation through educating boys and men, promoting sustainable entrepreneurship, and helping support the development of responsive and safe schools in the country. KFNL is providing invaluable and life-changing support to one school at a time.

    – Amelia T.

    KFNL Uganda Team 2019
    Brooklyn, NY
  • Simply being there, in Africa was a game-changer for me. It is one thing to read about the impact that Knickers for New Life is having on the girl-child, it was another thing to see with my own eyes. To be able to wash my hands is something that was never even a question. Where I will go to the restroom never crossed my mind. These simple things carry weight and deeply impact over 2,500 children that KFNL makes these available for on a daily basis. The good news of Jesus comes in more ways than you can imagine. It comes in tangible forms like soap, clean latrines, pads for girls, hand washing stations, and knickers. What this organization is doing is more than just providing “things” to make life easier. It’s leaving the fingerprint of God in the hearts of his children. We get to be a part of that.

    – Greg

    Youth Pastor, KFNL Uganda Team 2019
  • The trip to Uganda earlier this year hit me hard (again!) with the realization of how much the people of Africa have to offer to US! The itinerary and logistics were crammed full of activities to let us see all the work that Knickers For New Life has been doing to help children….especially the girl child…at the supported schools. And this part was tremendously affirming. The technical aspects of the mosquito repellent soap, the biodegradable MakaPads, the pump-out latrines all were shown to be effective and meeting objectives of keeping kids in school and literally saving lives. But in the midst of this “busy-ness”, the message that WE need to learn from them came through so strong. Their ability to show appreciation, suggest improvements in the most gracious way, get projects done when so much hard work is needed, laugh in the face of circumstances we would not tolerate, and worship God without restraint were truly magnificent. I pray that KFNL can continue to help as well as learn from our dear brothers and sisters in Uganda.

    – Marty

    KFNL Business/Strategy Advisor, Uganda Team 2019
  • I began supporting this effort because it will help keep underprivileged girls in Uganda in school and I’m a huge believer in education. It started with one school but the need is greater than that. If I can help even one girl gain an education, that is a victory that will change many lives. God willing, I can do more. I just needed a vehicle to get me moving. Thank you, Watha, for being open to this work and for inviting me to join you in it.

    – Cynthia M.

    Denton, TX
  • I commissioned KFNL to create a beautiful custom necklace as a birthday present for my mom. The process was so easy and fun! Watha showed me many gorgeous beads to choose from, all selected based on my mom’s tastes. The finished piece was gorgeous, and not only did my mom love it, but it was also so special to support work that is close to both of our hearts.

    – Sarah W.

    Galway, Ireland
  • What made the most impact on me was thinking about my daughter Evy, age 5, not being able to attend school and receive an education because of the way God designed her. It broke my heart to think about these young girls that could drop out of school because they didn’t have access to sanitary products.

    It was also a fun evening to hang out with girlfriends and know that it was for a good cause.

    – Allison Rickma​n​

    Director of Ministry, Grace Community Church
    Mills River, NC
  • I went in not knowing what to expect, when we got there I was received so warmly. I wanted something with a heart, pink beads and a easy to open and close clasp. Oh wow was I surprised you had that and MORE!!! While I was busy creating my “masterpiece” you shared about the ministry and how you help these precious girls. I walked away with a new piece of jewelry and a new ministry to support and pray for.

    – Kitty ​D.

    Mills River, NC
  • I met Watha several years ago. When I learned about KFNL, I was very excited to participate in her ministry! I commissioned a set of matching, custom-sized necklaces for myself and my bridesmaids to wear to my wedding. She helped me find just the right size and shape for the beads, chains, and loops.
    When we began planning, I had only a vague idea of what I really wanted, and I was frequently distracted with other wedding plans, but Watha worked her magic and helped me create the perfect piece for my special day! Kudos to you, my dear Mrs. Kollmeyer, for having enough patience to go above and beyond the call of duty with a distracted and indecisive bride. The necklaces turned out perfectly, and made a wonderful wedding gift for my bridesmaids!

    – Joy P., Bride

    Hillsdale, MI
  • Watha gave a presentation about Knickers for New Life and led bead workshops at Texas Woman’s University. As a marketing professor who leads our Enactus team in doing projects to improve livelihoods in sustainable ways, I was very impressed with the direction and organization of the program. This is exactly what we strive to do – giving people the tools and support they need to help themselves live better lives, and creating a sustainable impact that will affect many generations to come. The project in Uganda demonstrates how to use entrepreneurial approaches and local partners to achieve sustainable outcomes.

    – David Rylander, Ph.D

    Sherman, TX
  • I commissioned KFNL to create a custom pair of “sister necklaces.” I wanted ​two necklaces following a similar design, using some unifying identical beads, but with unique personalities (sort of like BFF charms for adults). I am not located in North Carolina, and Watha was patient and helpful sending creative suggestions by photo, and awaiting my approval of each step as well as the final layout for each necklace before beading. She is also knowledgeable about the stones. If you are looking for a unique piece of jewelry, I highly​ recommend​ KFNL for custom​,​ yet reasonably priced jewelry which also contributes to the greater good, by using their profits to empower disadvantaged young women and girls.

    – Lizzie G.

    Taipei, Taiwan