New Life Primary Update

It was amazing to do a “2016 look-back” and see how much happened so quickly as Knickers for New Life began. It is thrilling and also humbling to be involved in a work that touches lives so personally. So much continues to happen both in the States and in Uganda.

The KFNL calendar of Events has filled up with all kinds of exciting and varied opportunities. Watha will be doing quite a bit of presenting, sharing the situation and needs of schoolgirls in Uganda at everything from a girls’ summer camp in Asheville to Texas Woman’s University. There are also a number of Big Bead Workshops coming up. Several large donations have been made purely out of love for what KFNL projects do: help girls who have no resources understand their own biology, stay in school, and have a chance for a better, healthier life.

Pictures really do always say it best. Here is a video clip showing the progress made at our first school:

New Life Primary’s enrollment has gone up 50% over 2016!!! The majority of new students are girls, many of whom had dropped out because they had no way to manage their menstrual cycle. Now they do, and they want to stay in school instead of getting married at such a young age, which is the common alternative.

Thank YOU for being part, in whatever way, of KFNL. Together, we are changing the future for girls in Uganda, one school at a time!