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  • Fruit-Full News

    After being closed for 2 full years due to covid, schools in Uganda had a government directive to make up ground in educating children. School terms were extended and the holidays between terms greatly reduced this year. As always…KFNL partner schools were a bright spot in Uganda. They worked very hard to restart students who […]

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  • 6yrs + Building

    This season is always a reminder of small beginnings…6 years ago in my kitchen was the first Knickers for New Life event. I came up with the name from the sole school I had connected with and thought using the word ‘knickers’ had a certain ring to it. So grateful for so much! We just […]

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  • From Uganda to YOU

    The world seems to be going in so many directions right now. I thought it would be good to share some of the reports from our partner schools. Inflation has hit hard, food and gas have doubled. Also, it’s been very hot and malaria has been at a high level in the communities we serve, […]

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  • Checked Your Vision Lately?

    Checked your Vision lately? …more than a picture of what could be I just had an overdue visit with my eye doctor (all is well) but I do have a new prescription and can see more clearly. What a gift! It got me thinking about vision and how vital it is in the work of […]

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  • Simply Gobsmacked!

    Many thanks to you for the part you play in making the future brighter for girls (& boys) in Uganda. I am thrilled beyond words to share amazing news with you! First, our 2021 special project – Kamuli House for Girls is fully funded and completed. As I write this 28 girls who are orphans […]

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  • Unhistoric Acts of Kindness

    Faithfulness here & in Uganda Uganda schools are still in lockdown. It appears that they will not reopen until January. Wow. Some estimate that many thousands of children will never return to school due to the pandemic. They now work in factories, fields and markets. Child marriage and teen pregnancy have sky-rocketed. Teachers struggle to […]

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  • Three Good Things

    Spreading the word about the work of KFNL has been quite a challenge during the pandemic since all events were cancelled – but our faithful supporters (that is you!) have kept us going in Uganda.  Thank you! One In April, an amazing opportunity came our way to share with the North Carolina educator organization, Delta […]

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  • Got some Spring in your Knickers?

    Can you feel spring yet? I get terrible ‘spring fever” every year, and this pandemic year I seem to have more than usual. This means I am pouring over garden catalogs and websites. I’ve even been to a few local garden centers just to get that therapeutic shock of color and be surrounded by green […]

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  • How do we come alongside our partners during Covid?

    This year has put even greater challenges on our partner schools in Uganda. Government lockdowns there have made it impossible to make a living and schools have been closed since March. Due to your generous support, KFNL has been able to be an integral part of health and hygiene even during this time. The ongoing […]

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  • Pictures Paint the Story in Uganda

    Literally everyone all over the world has been impacted by the COVID pandemic. Sadly, the materially poor are always impacted more by economic/health crises than First World folk.  The realities in Uganda are stark and challenging. Schools there are still locked down with no projected end date. There is no such thing as virtual learning […]

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