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  • Unequivocal is Changeable

    “The data is unequivocal: No matter where in the world you are born, your life will be harder if you are born a girl.”  —Melinda Gates, Gates Foundation In rural Uganda, this is clearly true. The girl-child has no voice but often has many responsibilities. Fetching water, gathering firewood, boiling water, gardening, tending animals, cooking […]

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  • Small things with great love

    Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love. – Mother Teresa Looking back at 2019 for Knickers for New Life, I am struck by how far we have come together. We have partnered with seven Ugandan schools bringing our Circle of Health & Hygiene to them […]

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  • Idea + 3 Years = WOW

    Three years ago this month, I had a fundraiser in my home. My goal was to raise funds to supply girls at New Life Primary in Hoima, Uganda, with sanitary pads and underwear for one year. My motivation was that, “Somebody should do something to help girls stay in school!” The fundraiser was a shocking […]

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  • Welcome Bethany Centre Primary School!

    We are beyond delighted to welcome our sixth and largest school, Bethany Centre Primary. Bethany Centre began in 2004. Peter Kiwanuka, who attended Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, founded this school upon his return to Uganda. Peter and local leaders have worked hard to found a school with high academics for the materially poor […]

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  • Reflection x2

    It’s fascinating to consider that “reflection” has two very different meanings – outward and inward. Definition #1. The change in direction of a wave at a boundary between two different media, so that the waves move back into the medium it came from. (emphasis mine.) Think of common examples such as the reflection of light […]

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  • Uganda, Here We Come!

    Knickers for New Life started as one event for one school in October 2016. The goal was to raise $2500 to provide knickers and sanitary pads for one year. To my astonishment, and due to many generous souls, we raised $8,444 and it was obvious this was bigger than I had visioned. Through working closely […]

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  • Thankful for You and to You

    As I reflect on 2018, I am overwhelmed by your kindness, encouragement, and generosity. Thankful for you…absolutely. Grateful for your partnership in this amazing work…more than I can say. But I do want to take the time now to say it. Thank you for the part you play in Knickers for New Life. It is […]

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  • News and Lots of It!

    So many moving parts at Knickers for New Life and our 5 partner schools in Uganda, only video updates will do. We have really had a growth spurt this year and head into a busy fall, full of events and fundraising opportunities. Take just a few minutes to see for yourself where we have been […]

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  • Welcome, Bless the Children Primary!

    Knickers for New Life is beginning a partnership with our 5th school – Bless the Children Primary located in Mabaale, Uganda. This will be our biggest project of 2018 and brings KFNL to some big new numbers. We began in October 2016 with 178 students at New Life Primary in Hoima. Enrollment has significantly increased […]

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  • FIRST GRANT & Classical Williamsburg

    Knickers for New Life is only able to partner with under-resourced Ugandan schools with outside support. We recently had two exciting new events that were super encouraging. We received our first ever grant! Tom Schmidt, a Financial Planner/Insurance Specialist in Oklahoma, nominated KFNL to be considered by the Million Dollar Round Table of Insurance Agents […]

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