Christ School Bundibugyo Projects

Hard to believe that KFNL’s partnership with Christ School is making big progress already. We just began raising funds for them in December 2016. Here’s why:

The funds needed to build new 4 stall latrines for girls and boys, 16 handwash stations with soap for a year, knickers for girls, sanitary pads for one year, and health and hygiene education totals just over $12,000. Sounds like a very tall mountain! As of today, we are 2/3 of the way there, thanks to your generosity and response to these needs.

​Construction is in full swing on the new latrines and they are making great progress. One of the key strategies of KFNL is to locally source everything in Uganda. This creates desperately needed jobs there and puts this money into their economy. It is also a wise stewardship of funds donated. No shipping or customs on knickers and sanitary supplies or expensive trips by Westerners to go build things for them that they can build themselves. Creating jobs in Uganda is not ​our goal but it is a wonderful side effect. A proper new 4 stall latrine can be built for the same cost as sending one person there from the States!

I’d like to introduce you to Leonard, who is in charge of the construction at CSB, and is excited to share a message with YOU:

Translation: “I’m in charge of construction at Christ School Bundibugyo. So we are very happy for the support that Knicker New Life has given us for constructing girls’ latrine at Christ School. Not only that, even the community around is very grateful for that. So may God bless the donors. Thank you.”

So I want to join Leonard and the community in Bundibugyo, Uganda in saying Thank You. As we work together here and there, real things are happening that have a positive impact on students, especially girls. Dignity, health and hygiene combined with a message of their value and more possibilities for their future, well that is the heart of KFNL. How exciting to see it happening!

Deeply glad for your partnership,