Ever take a tour of a pit latrine?

It is always a banner day when a major KFNL project is completed, and so we celebrate with Christ School Bundibugyo (CSB) as their new girls latrine was just finished! Local builders were hired to build according to the plans provided by KFNL Architectural Advisor, Dale Slusser. This is a great use of our resources as it ensures high quality building and also creates local jobs that help the economy in rural Uganda. Improving hygiene and health with dignity is a contributor to improving the future for these girls. We’re excited that they have already begun work on the new boys latrine for the school. Meet Sarah Crane who is on staff at CSB:



“Bundibugyo” in the local language means “the end of the road.” It is set in the mountains not far from the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo in a remote area that has seen little development. Students at this boarding school come from places where there are no education opportunities available and the poverty is deep, so CSB is very much a lifeline for them. The committed staff and teachers there have many challenges that would be difficult for us to imagine, yet they embrace their calling with joy. KFNL will continue to raise funds to complete all the health/hygiene projects we partner in. Follow us on Facebook or check back to see our progress. Thank you for your part in meeting the needs of this school and it’s students!

Deeply glad to work alongside you,
Watha Kollmeyer