When first invited to speak at Camp Hollymont for Girls this summer, I was very hesitant. I had only spoken to adults about the stark realities of poverty and disease facing girls in Uganda. How could I communicate in an age appropriate way for them and how could it make a difference for school girls in Uganda?

Amy Lewallan, Hollymont’s  Director, said she thought it was a perfect fit – girls helping girls. Wow! Amy sure was right. We had the tremendous opportunity to share our presentation with girls aged 7-10, and 11-15 and tailor it for them and from their perspective. KFNL’s mission is to help girls just their age so getting a fresh look was fun as well.

The campers and staff all really responded. Shock. Disbelief. How could this be? YES! I want to help. Now. Right now.

So many really thought about life in a world they have never seen for the first time. It was really powerful. I was renewed in my own vision and encouraged to see and hear true compassion from these girls headed to womanhood. The staff was stellar too. I think it hit them pretty hard on the first day when I presented to them. A number of them shared their hearts with me and some gave donations out of what they had. Isn’t that what we are all supposed to do? 

The girls had a fun, creative experience that included many questions and conversations about Ugandan girls. Who knows what ripples in the water will come from these events?














I have to give enormous thanks and credit to volunteers who helped try to create order out of chaos in the mini-workshops to make bead jewelry with the campers. They are what really made it all possible. For the very first time since Knickers for New Life was born ( October 2016), I was not able to be at a KFNL event, mid-July, due to travel. Panic! Just the right woman, with just the right experience in third world living and beading, stepped forward. Jean Leatherman is a blessing and a gift and I am so grateful! No doubt it was good for me to loosen my grip a bit and give others a larger role. Knickers for New Life is much larger than me!

These Hollymont girls numbered at about 300 plus a staff near 50. With all sessions now complete, just over $5,000 was raised for KFNL projects at Hope Primary School Busoro. It matters! Every girl at Camp Hollymont got to participate in a direct way to help a girl her age in Uganda have a healthier, better future by staying in school. So that is Girl Power in the most amazing way! Girls helping Girls. The KFNL Tree was overwhelmed with leaves!

Love being a part of this always surprising work, thank you for joining in on the journey.

Deeply glad,

Watha Kollmeyer