Join Our Team…

Knickers for New Life is coming up on its 1st birthday in October. WOW! What a difference one year can make. It has gone from an idea to a 501c3 organization. From a hope to ‘do something’ at one school in Uganda to partnering with three schools with over 1,000 students to improve health, hygiene and the future of the girl child. From a one-time goal of $2500 to raising over $50,000 and counting. From knickers and sanitary pads to the understanding that separate, private latrines, hand-wash stations, soap and a basic health/hygiene/puberty education were needed to complete the project.

HOW has all this happened so quickly? These needs resonate with all kinds of people. Because these are basic, human needs and their lack hold girls back from getting an educational foundation. Illiteracy perpetuates poverty and vulnerability in Uganda, and other majority world countries. Many have responded to this need, these interventions change the future for girls in Uganda and thereby lifts the whole country up.

WHO is doing the work of Knickers for New Life? Many!

Pastor Edward and Christine Isingoma, KFNL Uganda Representatives
Edward and Christine are leaders at KFNL’s first school and have shared in and shaped the vision from the first discussion. They are well connected throughout west Uganda, excellent communicators both to us here and to all kinds of people there. They are KFNL’s eyes and ears and translators and are invaluable to our work.


Stacey Chacon, Graphic Designer Extraordinaire,
Stacey took an idea, a hope, that was a bit tricky to communicate and turned it into something beautiful, fun and informative. She developed our logo and has designed all promo materials and is simply the best graphic designer…ever.


Joelle Diepenbrock, Web Designer, HELPS Ministries
Joelle took a massive jumble of ideas, needs, and pics and made them into a coherent, navigable website. Joelle has linked KFNL to the world. She also had to work with a non-techy person (me) and translate ideas into code. Bless her heart.


Samantha Jones, Director of Finance, HELPS Ministries
Samantha keeps up with every penny of KFNL funds coming in and going out. She ensures accountability and accuracy, as well as the outside audit done annually at HELPS. She makes sure we meet ECFA standards for non-profits. Samantha is the one who actually makes international money transfers – she is a critical link to our work.


Dale Slusser, Architect, HELPS Ministries
Who knew we needed an architect? Well, we surely do! Dale has primarily served as an architectural designer/draftsman for thirty years in projects in 39 countries. He draws specific and professional architechtural plans for all KFNL latrines and consults in real time with builders in Uganda to insure quality building practices. Dale is very sensitive to cross-cultural considerations and careful to always support and encourage our Ugandan partners. He’s a gem!


Sarah Waters, Web Admin
Sarah joins in from her home in Galway, Ireland. She was looking to use her technical skills for “something that really matters” and she fell in love with KFNL. It’s quite mutual! Sarah is the one who makes sure things are updated quickly and correctly as things happen in Uganda and the US.


Marty Kollmeyer, Business and Technical Advisor
Marty spent 31 years in the chemical industry, beginning as a chemical engineer and concluding as a global business director. He has traveled the world and has been involved in numerous projects in East Africa. He is the newest ‘official’ part of the leadership team but has been a strong supporter from day one. He helps with short and long-term strategy, budgeting, technical considerations, and logistics of hauling 100,000+ beads around!


So many have done so much: guest designers, bead workshop helpers, workshop attendees who bring friends along, those who help us connect to potential new venues or donors, etc….

YOU – please join in the work Knickers for New Life is doing. Consider coming to one of our many fall events and bring your friends, we need volunteers at every event – contact us if you can help, Donate – one time or become a monthly supporter of KFNL, recruit a business owner to become an annual supporter.

$29 supplies knickers, sanitary pads, and soap for one girl for one year – a small investment makes a huge difference!

Join our team…you can truly make a difference in a girl’s life.
Deeply glad to work alongside all of you,