Global Handwashing Day

Have you heard of it? Likely not. Washing your hands with soap is automatic for us in the first world. We cannot remember a time when we did not know we were supposed to do that. Some of us even sing the birthday song or recite some other rhyme to ensure we are sudsing sufficiently.

Knickers for New Life now partners with three Ugandan schools. None of them had soap or handwash stations when we began. NONE.

“Every year, 1.4 million children do not live to celebrate their fifth birthday because of diarrhea and pneumonia. Handwashing with soap is among the most effective and inexpensive ways to prevent these diseases. Handwashing with soap impacts not just health and nutrition, but also education, economics, and equity.”

– Global Handwashing Partnership

All KFNL schools now have handwash stations and a consistent supply of soap. And it is making a big impact!

“These items/facilities have helped the girls in particular and all students at large to love staying in school and improved their hygiene and sanitation generally at school and have extended to their little sisters and brothers back at home during holidays….which we believe will increase the number of girl’s enrollment next year 2018.
There are incredible indicators to show improve hygiene in school as the number of students visiting the sick bay for stomach pains has dropped as shown by our medical report book. This is so, because of the soap provided by you. The students always keep their hands clean after using the provided pit latrines by use of the soap and washing cans which are placed close to their pit latrines.”

– Kenneth Oringo, Headmaster, Christ School Bundibugyo

“I want to tell you what is happening at New Life Primary. I used to buy so much Magnesium for the students who came to my office with abdominal pains. Since installing the handwash stations and soap, I have not needed to buy very much. Fewer students are sick, more are in class. The teaching on how to properly wash their hands has made a big change in the health and sanitation at New Life.”

– Christine Isingoma, Headmistress, New Life Primary

So we do celebrate the great progress made at these schools and are thrilled to be part of it. Soap truly does save lives! Soap has become a critical link in the total KFNL school partnerships – knickers, sanitary pads, separate pit latrines for girls and boys, KFNL health and hygiene curriculum, handwash stations, and soap. Changing the future for girls (and boys) in Uganda is taking shape. Thank you for your support – it’s making a real difference!

Deeply Glad,

Watha Kollmeyer