So, why is water a women’s issue?

It is a challenge to raise awareness of all the ways that living in the developing world impact people, especially girls. Melinda Gates has delved deep into these issues for a long time, and this article of hers helps shed light on the very specific challenges of girls. It also shows the projects Knickers for New Life partners in with Ugandan schools directly address critical needs.

Please read Melinda Gates’ illuminating article:

Time is precious to all of us. But the enormous amount of time it takes to just survive in Uganda is something we can hardly comprehend. Clean water sources almost always require women and girls to walk long distances each day. Time not spent in any other pursuit than survival – not education. Education improves the future for girls by every measurement – health, economic opportunity, reducing child marriage, etc…

Proper sanitation provides more clean water by stopping runoff from open defecation. This is a huge issue in rural Uganda. Having latrines at school also gives girls safety and privacy to change their sanitary pads once they hit puberty. Many Ugandan girls will not go to school during menstruation. Knickers for New Life partners with schools to build and maintain quality latrines for girls and boys. Improving attendance for girls and health for all.

Time. Education. Toilets. We see them make a direct impact each day. Join us to grow health and opportunity for girls (and boys) in Uganda.
Deeply glad to be part of this work, it truly matters!

Watha Kollmeyer