FIRST GRANT & Classical Williamsburg

Knickers for New Life is only able to partner with under-resourced Ugandan schools with outside support. We recently had two exciting new events that were super encouraging.

We received our first ever grant! Tom Schmidt, a Financial Planner/Insurance Specialist in Oklahoma, nominated KFNL to be considered by the Million Dollar Round Table of Insurance Agents Philanthropic Group. Through Tom’s thoughtfulness in making the connection, and a steep learning curve in “grant speak” we applied and were selected to receive a $4000 grant. A grateful THANK YOU to Tom Schmidt and the MDRT.

Tom Schmidt

This is an area we know we need to pursue. If you know of any foundations or organizations that have a vision for Education, Health & Hygiene, Developing World, Girls & Women, or Uganda/Africa – please make a connection for us. It could have a big impact on the future for children at KFNL schools.

Knickers for New Life was the focus charity for Providence Classical School’s Spirit and Service Week in late March. Spending a week in Williamsburg at this delightful school was a joy. Interacting with students from K-12 and the teachers and staff was something new in the way of fundraising. Getting to share about the differences in the life of their peers in Uganda was eye-opening and thought provoking for them. A special Thank You to teacher Rachel Basinger for nominating KFNL to be the recipient of this year’s fundraiser at PCS. Through their amazing coin drive and Penny Wars, this school raised $1,874.98. Wow – these students are a huge blessing to Ugandan students just their age! Thank you and well done PCS!

As we grow – now at four schools with a fifth in sight – KFNL needs to build a base of support to continue it’s vital, life saving-giving-changing work.

Thank you for joining with us as we work together to change the future (it’s really happening) for girls (and boys) in Uganda.

Deeply glad to be a part of this with you,
Watha Kollmeyer