Uganda, Here We Come!

Knickers for New Life started as one event for one school in October 2016. The goal was to raise $2500 to provide knickers and sanitary pads for one year. To my astonishment, and due to many generous souls, we raised $8,444 and it was obvious this was bigger than I had visioned.

Through working closely with our first school and listening to what challenges they face, we took the next step (latrines) and the next (handwash stations and soap.) The KFNL Circle of Health and Hygiene seemed to naturally and logically take shape to what it is now. Along the way, we have been thrilled to add partner schools in west Uganda in need of what we do. Much has been done and a number of lessons have been learned.

On February 13th, a team of twelve departs the US for the first ever Knickers for New Life Learning Trip. We have a team with many different giftings and abilities. Our goal is to go and see with our eyes what impact our projects and programs have had in individual lives, schools, and communities. To capture stories and bring them back to share with those we know and those we meet.  To thank donors and also to better raise awareness of a world so different than ours, populated by people so much like us. Most of our team has never been to the Majority World. It’s going to be a Big Adventure.

We hope to share our trip via a blog, updated by a different team member each day, as electricity and wi-fi allow. If you pray – we would sure love you to pray for our trip. It’s looong. And challenging in every way. Many of you have given financial support to the team – Thank You. It is our great hope to see and learn and grow as we visit all five schools and key suppliers of our programs. We want to look into the eyes of a girl-child, so full of potential, and see that she does have the opportunity to stay in school and develop in every way. She is the future of Uganda and of Africa and of this world. She has value.

Our team is going there to tell her just that!

Join us on our journey by following our updates on our Facebook page or on our blog.

February 13-24 will be life-changing days for us and we would love to share glimpses of them with you.

Thank you for your support in so many ways.
Deeply grateful,
Watha for the whole Uganda Team