Idea + 3 Years = WOW

Three years ago this month, I had a fundraiser in my home. My goal was to raise funds to supply girls at New Life Primary in Hoima, Uganda, with sanitary pads and underwear for one year. My motivation was that, “Somebody should do something to help girls stay in school!”

The fundraiser was a shocking success – more than triple the goal. The school’s latrine was failing, so the extra funds went toward building Girls and Boys latrines. New Life Primary was 178 students when this began, and it has now doubled! Word has gotten out that they care for the girl-child and want to see them stay in school.

Then came other schools and the development of our Circle of Health & Hygiene. Through many generous souls like you, Knickers for New Life now serves seven schools and over 2800 students. We took a team to Uganda this past February to see all that has happened at our partner schools. What I saw still amazes me. These hardworking school leaders have taken the information supplied in our KFNL Health & Hygiene Manual and have brought it to life. Proper handwashing is now an everyday habit and has made diarrhea and malaria plummet. Latrines are now cleaned with bleach every week and typhoid is gone. Girls receive regular instruction on hygiene and menstrual health, dispelling myths and stigma that were the norm before KFNL. Latrines now provide dignity and security and keep water sources clean. So much has been achieved!

Brilliant Primary School is our 7th partner school and is beginning to build their girl’s latrine this month. They have also begun mosquito repellent soap distribution and made handwash stations at their school. We are excited to work alongside them and see what changes KFNL has on their school. They anticipate an increased enrollment in January as their community sees these improvements.

All of these things happened because of You. Thank you! Your partnership with Knickers for New Life is having a Huge Impact every day at partner schools. Every week brings an excited report about improved conditions and outcomes. Our work is possible because of your generosity and faithfulness, your concern for the materially poor in a place far away. Please go forward with us and continue to change the future for girls (and boys) in rural Uganda.

Deeply grateful,

Watha Kollmeyer