Small things with great love

Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.
– Mother Teresa

Looking back at 2019 for Knickers for New Life, I am struck by how far we have come together.
We have partnered with seven Ugandan schools bringing our Circle of Health & Hygiene to them and directly impacting several thousand children, their families and communities.

Our first KFNL Learning Trip in February was such a joy and a revelation. Seeing each school and how they have brought KFNL to life was astounding and humbling. We focus on these simple things: knickers for girls, sanitary pads, mosquito repellent soap, latrines for girls and boys, handwash stations and training, and teaching basic health education curriculum. No rocket science here, but these interventions change lives. Every day at every school.

The school leadership has taken these items and wrapped them in love as they teach and guide these children. It was a privilege and a blessing to see it, hear it, dance among them and celebrate together. Our team received far more than we gave. Seeing that these things are the difference in whether a young girl stays in school or drops out, which will make all the difference in the rest of her life, is compelling.

Coming back and sharing with you about KFNL’s work there has led to many wonderful conversations, questions and surprises. Thank you for your generous financial support that makes this possible. Thank you for words of encouragement and for your prayers on behalf of the children we serve. Each child has a story, and we are all part of it in a tangible way. One of the best things about being part of KFNL is the direct line between your gift and a child. Very simply, it goes to the things mentioned above and nowhere else.

Thank you for caring for children you don’t know in a place most of us have never been. Thank you for spurring KFNL on to grow, improve and keep going. Thank you for being ‘Love in action’ in the truest sense. You are changing the future for girls (and boys) in Uganda.

Doing simple things – with you – in gratitude,
Watha Kollmeyer