Unequivocal is Changeable

“The data is unequivocal: No matter where in the world you are born, your life will be harder if you are born a girl.”  —Melinda Gates, Gates Foundation

In rural Uganda, this is clearly true. The girl-child has no voice but often has many responsibilities.

Fetching water, gathering firewood, boiling water, gardening, tending animals, cooking meals, caring for siblings and even ailing parents or grandparents are all common activities for 5-12-year-old girls. This always strikes such a vivid contrast with life in the First World…

Knickers for New Life continues to remove barriers the girl-child faces to getting an education and to encourage her to strive to reach her potential. We are making big progress on new latrines at Brilliant School as it comes on board as our 7th partner school. Through schools, we touch individual lives. It is always amazing to discover the girls so filled with hope and vision and the desire to improve their situation.

Meet Alice, age 10 and in Primary 4 at Brilliant School. Alice’s father is dead and her mom is HIV positive. Alice must wake up her mom to give her medicine. She also works to provide for the family by raising goats, ducks, and rabbits for income. When she grows up, Alice wants to be a dentist. Wow! This is not what my life was like at age 10, how about you?

Making an education more accessible to Alice and hundreds of others like her is a wonderful work and it is made possible by You and your generous support. Thank you! $35 provides knickers, mosquito repellent soap, and MakaPad sanitary pads for One Girl for One Year. These basics are out of reach at the schools we partner with and they bring health, dignity and a way forward for girls in hard places. Small gifts that are not small to these young girls.

Thank you for walking together with Knickers for New Life in our work of turning the tide for a generation of girls in rural Uganda. Please consider a gift to KFNL today to continue keeping opportunity open to young girls. Making a direct and positive difference is a great investment in the future of girls, Uganda, and the world.

Deeply glad to work alongside you,
Watha Kollmeyer