How do we come alongside our partners during Covid?

This year has put even greater challenges on our partner schools in Uganda. Government lockdowns there have made it impossible to make a living and schools have been closed since March. Due to your generous support, KFNL has been able to be an integral part of health and hygiene even during this time.

The ongoing provision of mosquito-repellent soap and MakaPad sanitary pads for students gave our school leadership a unique opportunity. Since these items were deemed as both essential and health-related, our teachers were allowed to make home visits to students and their families. These visits were vital reminders of the value of each child and the strong hope they would return to school. Teachers reviewed how to wash hands properly, how to build a tippy-tap handwash station at home, and also the puberty curriculum where appropriate. They were able to give personal encouragement for students and parents to make good choices. These teachers are truly heroes – these visits took a lot of time and effort.

It was announced that schools could re-open on a limited basis beginning October 15th if they could meet a list of new criteria and get a certificate of approval. New requirements included temperature guns, fencing, additional signing on campus promoting good health practices, and a designated space for anyone suspected of having Covid-19. None of our partner schools have received any school fees since March, and now even fewer parents could afford them. How could they reopen? After much consultation and review of KFNL finances, we made the decision to give each school a one-time emergency grant of $3,000 to help with reopening costs. Each school was able to determine their specific needs (teacher’s salaries, food, beds for boarding students, etc.) I am delighted to share with you that all our partner schools were able to meet requirements to reopen on time! Your generosity has paved the way where there seemed to be no way. Thank you.

No one knows the future, but we do know that in the midst of pandemics, the need for health and hygiene is greater. Knickers for New Life wants to continue to equip and encourage the girl-child to make choices leading to positive outcomes for her life. Each of our schools has expressed their amazement at already having tippy-taps and soap BEFORE the pandemic began, and believe that God sent KFNL to them to prepare them for this. That is a humbling thought. Strange to think that in our giving from here, hope and dignity are growing there. But that is exactly how it works.

Would you consider a year-end gift to continue this work among greatly under-resourced schools in Uganda? KFNL serves over 2,600 students plus the staff at six schools. $35 provides underwear, soap, and pads for one girl for one year. Your gift of $50, $100, or any amount will directly help this work continue to bring opportunity to break the cycle of poverty through education.

Wishing you health, peace, and every blessing as we reflect on the many reasons we have to be thankful this year. I am particularly thankful for you,

– Watha Kollmeyer