Simply Gobsmacked!

Many thanks to you for the part you play in making the future brighter for girls (& boys) in Uganda.

I am thrilled beyond words to share amazing news with you!

First, our 2021 special project – Kamuli House for Girls is fully funded and completed. As I write this 28 girls who are orphans or at high risk of dropping out of school have filled it’s walls with laughter, laundry, and opportunity to pursue education and reach higher for themselves. Majory is their matron, who makes sure they bathe, complete homework, do their chores, and get along. Pictures tell this story best:

Sharon, primary 4, both parents struggle for survival on a daily basis. Father lost an eye while making charcoal.

Doreen, primary 7, parents cannot pay school fees.

Rosette, only girl with four brothers in a vulnerable family. Dreams to be a preacher.

Moreen, primary 7, orphaned and taken in by New Life Primary.

Nakato, primary 7, abandoned by her mother as a baby, father does not support her, on her own entirely.

Majory, Matron of Kamuli House and it’s 28 girls. Single mother of 3, hardworking woman of faith.

Second, we have all been wondering what impact KFNL health & hygiene programs might have on schools as they reopen. Uganda has endured the longest Covid lockdown of any country in the world and some of the strictest restrictions. Numerous reports project that 30-40% of children, especially girls, will never return to school in Uganda.

Knickers Circle of Health & Hygiene continued through it all – thanks to your generous donations and the hard work of KFNL Leaders on the ground. School reopened in January after almost two years… drumroll please… Before the pandemic, we had 2900 students at our six partner schools… NOW we have over 3100 children enrolled, engaged, and excited to be in school in ways we truly cannot imagine!!! I have been flooded with pictures and comments from the teachers that are overwhelming, in a wonderful way.

If you ever wonder if your giving, or your prayers, or your volunteering with Knickers really make any difference at all (and I wonder that all the time about my own involvement), I want you to know that you are making a direct, definite, deep impact on over 3100 children in rural Uganda.

Beyond gobsmacked to work alongside you,

– Watha Kollmeyer