6yrs + Building

This season is always a reminder of small beginnings…6 years ago in my kitchen was the first Knickers for New Life event. I came up with the name from the sole school I had connected with and thought using the word ‘knickers’ had a certain ring to it. So grateful for so much!

Edward & Christine Isingoma

We just had the delightful blessing of a visit from Pastor Edward & Christine Isingoma, our Uganda Representatives. They met with a number of KFNL friends and were able to share from their on-the-ground perspective about the work and impact of Knickers for New Life. Edward & Christine light up any room they are in and are simply a gift to all. We were able to look back and look forward with them about life in Uganda, our 6 partner schools, and things accomplished.

YOU have been an absolutely vital part of this work. Your impact has accomplished:

  • Building confidence in young girls in their worth and potential through education.
  • Building 10 separate latrines at partner schools to bring safety, dignity, and better hygiene at our schools.
  • Building Classrooms at New Life Primary and Brilliant School.
  • Building Kamuli House for Girls now houses 38 girls who are orphaned or at high risk of dropping out of school.
  • Building better health for girls & boys (less malaria, typhoid, and waterborne disease) through tippy-tap handwash stations and training.
  • Building a mosquito repellent soap brand that now employs 8 people and saves many lives.

Never saw it coming but so glad we have journeyed together in these works.

I want you to see the progress made at the Brilliant Primary School classroom building. The work is almost complete and the chalkboards in place. Soon the 4-person desks will arrive and then regular classes will meet there, in the dry!

Together with Edward & Christine, a new project for early 2023 was identified and shared with some local friends of KFNL. The goal of educating the whole child- body, mind & spirit, is the focus of all our schools. We would like to provide an English bible for the older students and the staff at each school. These students are learning to speak English (the language of business in Uganda) and also growing in faith. Few of their homes could ever afford the luxury of a bible. We believe these will be treasured and most importantly, that they will be read!

Our goal is to supply 1440 Bibles…that is a lot of Bibles! At a cost of $7 each that runs up to $10,000. Some generous and enthusiastic donors have offered a $5000 matching gift toward this goal. Wow! Would you consider a year-end gift (that will be doubled!) to put bibles in our partner schools and children’s hands?

Thank you for building into children’s lives and hearts alongside KFNL,
Watha Kollmeyer