Fruit-Full News

After being closed for 2 full years due to covid, schools in Uganda had a government directive to make up ground in educating children. School terms were extended and the holidays between terms greatly reduced this year.

As always…KFNL partner schools were a bright spot in Uganda. They worked very hard to restart students who were no longer used to school. Retaining quality teachers was especially difficult. KFNL plays a role in that too; teachers have said that the bonus benefits they receive (knickers, sanitary pads, and mosquito repellent soap) are beyond what they would receive teaching at other schools. These small things bring great encouragement and remind the teachers that they are valued.

That was never a plan, but another way that our Circle of Health & Hygiene creates a powerful synergy at our partner schools. It truly is a case where the sum is greater than just adding the parts.

In this season of reflection and generosity,these schools send their thanks to you for your generous giving – the most basic needs for health and hygiene were met for over 3200 students plus staff.

Knickers for New Life is now over six years old and the fruit is really beginning to be noticeable. When we began partnering with our schools they had very few students who took PLE’s (Primary Leaving Exams) to go on to secondary school, almost no girls. Check out these pictures of the students who just took it this year. Wow!

THANK YOU for cheering them on and providing opportunity for them. Every gift matters and has direct impact on students there. Would you consider a year-end gift to help us start 2023 strong? The teachers are ready and the future awaits these children. With your support, it continues to be a brighter one with opportunity and hope in difficult places.

Grateful to invest in them alongside you and cheering them on,
Watha Kollmeyer