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  • Unhistoric Acts of Kindness

    Faithfulness here & in Uganda Uganda schools are still in lockdown. It appears that they will not reopen until January. Wow. Some estimate that many thousands of children will never […]

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  • Three Good Things

    Spreading the word about the work of KFNL has been quite a challenge during the pandemic since all events were cancelled – but our faithful supporters (that is you!) have […]

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  • How do we come alongside our partners during Covid?

    This year has put even greater challenges on our partner schools in Uganda. Government lockdowns there have made it impossible to make a living and schools have been closed since […]

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  • Global Handwashing Day

    Have you heard of it? Likely not. Washing your hands with soap is automatic for us in the first world. We cannot remember a time when we did not know we were supposed to do that. Some of us even sing the birthday song or recite some other rhyme to ensure we are sudsing sufficiently.

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  • 2016 In Review

    Trying to fit a big story into a brief review is challenging, but here are some of the highlights: Trip to Uganda in June 2016, making strong connections with Pastor […]

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